Sunday, February 9, 2014

easy way to make baklava

Making baklava was not as difficult as most people think.
First take a pan , if rectangular would be much more convenient for the shape of the bowl. Oil the pan and start placing sheets for baklava. First you need to place like 4 to 7 sheets on the bottom of the pan. Then put chopped walnuts. After that place 3-4 sheets for baklava then plae more walnuts until you get the desired  thickness of the baklava.
Next step is to cut the baklava. You should cut it before baking and you will need very sharp knife and assistance to do it. Usually father is helping us with that part so the shapes are equal and very cimetric.
After that you should melt butter and oil with it the surface of baklava, being carefull not to remove any of the sheets on top, because it is already cut.
After that bake it in preheated oven until it gets golden brown color.
For preparing syrup for baklava you need 1 lt water and 1 kilogram sugar. Add vanilla and lemon to it and boil it.
After baklava is baked you should add the syrup.
Be careful!
If syrup is hot you baklava must be cold, or if ur syrup is cold  baklava must be hot.
In out case we always prefer syrup to be hot and baklava cold.
Let it rest for 1 day and eat!

You can watch the video for more details.


  1. Прекрасна баклава Exilia! Майка ти е голяма майсторка и много добра учителка :)

  2. Благодаря, Жани! Наистина майка ми за много кратко успя да ме научи на много неща!